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A few SUCCESS STORIES from Scott....

-Argued for a client to get relief from the suspension of his driver’s license in order to obtain his CDL; Client was able to obtain his CDL.

-Client charged with a misdemeanor road rage / reckless driving charge facing 93 days in jail and or $500 fine; negotiated careless citation, civil infraction, with no possibility of jail time and a court fine.

 -Client charged with insurance fraud facing 4 years and/or $50,000 in fines; negotiated a deal where he was only sentenced to fines and costs just under $700 and some community service.

-Argued that a client’s unique circumstances, after he had plead to CSC charge unrepresented, he shouldn’t have to register as a Sex Offender; Client was removed from the sex offender registry.

 -Client charged with assault and battery facing 93 days in jail and/or $500 fines was argued and dismissed before trial.

 -Argued a change of domicile for client; client was able to relocate the minor child out of state.

A few SUCCESS STORIES from Andrei....

-Researched, investigated, and drafted several Federal False Claims Actions that were then prosecuted by the Wisconsin US Attorney General and settled for multi million dollar amounts.

-Structured documents for the sale of a metal coating business and disposal of toxic waste.

-Obtained favorable settlement for a Plaintiff in a sex and race discrimination claim where the Plaintiff was recorded taking money from the cash register using the dual intent doctrine.

-Defended wage and hour class action and stopped personal liability for individual defendant on procedural grounds.

And many more.